Cris Cyborg Disputes Judges Who Gave Holly Holm Two Rounds

There has been multiple controversies following the UFC’s year end UFC 219 event on Saturday, and not surprisingly they all involve Cris Cyborg. Now, in a new statement to her social media, Cris Cyborg wants the fans to know that despite winning the contest, she does not agree with the judges scores.

Cyborg made a successful defense of her title, and was pushed to the limits against Holly Holm in the UFC 219 main event.

Two of the judges gave Holm the first two rounds, making Holly just one round away from dethroning Cris Cyborg.

It was Cyborg’s only decision win, and the only time she lost two rounds, and nearly lost a fight.

It wasn’t that long ago that Cyborg was fighting three-round bouts, and had this been one of them, she would have lost for the first tim in over a decade.

This isn’t sitting well with the UFC female featherweight champion, and she asked her fans on social media if they agree, clearly saying she does not.

Taking to her social media, Cris Cyborg stated, “Despite landing almost 2x’s as many significant strikes as Holly Holm two of the judges had Cris Cyborg UFC losing #ufc219 after 3 rounds. Do you agree with the score cards from #ufc219?”

Here’s the official scorecards from the UFC 219 main event:


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