MMA Champ Breaks Back, Girlfriend And Dog Dead After Tragic Accident

MMA veteran Chris Cocores

A mixed martial arts champion has suffered a tragic car crash. The fighter’s back was broken from the incident, with his girlfriend and dog each killed in the crash.

As reported by Tahoe Daily Tribune, WFC 145 pound champion Chris Cocores is currently recovering from the car crash, having suffered a broken arm, foot and back. Cecilla Casares, the fighter’s girlfriend, has passed away.

UFC President Dana White.

Cocores was reportedly riding in the car with his girlfriend and dog when the vehicle veered into the other lane and struck a Toyota Sienna head on. Ryan Wallace, South Tahoe wrestling coach, has since created a GoFundMe to help with the medical expenses from the accident.

UFC boss Dana White.

The GoFundMe states:

“A tragedy has befallen a community. A community not defined by geographical boundaries but rather by its proximity to an extraordinary person, Chris Cocores.

“Chris was the lone survivor in a vehicle collision the night of December 28th. A heartreanding casualty of the wreck was Cecilla Casares, Chris’ girlfriend, and number 1 fan, who will be remembered as the most loyal, dedicated, and supportive companion to draw breath.

UFC boss Dana White.

“Chris “Coco” Cocores to the uninitiated is simply an MMA title holder. However, those that know him, know him much more as a champion of love and a winner in the truest sense of the word.

“This donation fund will go both to assist Cecilla’s family with the expenses associated with their heartbreaking loss and to sponsor Coco’s inspirational return to health and well-being.

“Rest assured that through the many surgeries and difficult recovery that Chris faces he will always be a man who behaves in a manner befitting our monetary and emotional support.

“We love Chris Cocores, and we guarantee your connection made with him through this fundraising campaign will result in your love for him growing as well. His passion will undoubtedly encourage you in your endeavors.

Team Coco

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