Mugshot Released Following Mayweather’s Arrest For Assault Of Woman

A photo of Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s mugshot is now making its way around the internet.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. reportedly turned himself into police on Thursday, January 25th. As reported by TMZ Sports, Mayweather Sr. is facing misdemeanor battery charges.

The boxing veteran allegedly entered an altercation with a woman at the Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin boxing match in 2017. After the woman refused to exit the former boxer’s vehicle, Mayweather Sr. allegedly dragged the individual by the leg from the car. The former boxer then reportedly struck the woman in the leg before leaving the scene.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

After reportedly pleading “not guilty” to the charges, Mayweather Sr.’s representative offered a few words to TMZ Sports.

“[The alleged victim is] trying to extort money and she’s angry because she’s not getting the money from Floyd,” Mayweather’s representative said. “It’s not going the way she wants it to go.”

Mayweather Sr.’s bench trial is set to take place in Clark County on March 27th.

Here is a look at the former boxer’s mugshot, as taken by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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