Nate’s Been Stockton Slapping Men Since He Was A Teenager With Frosted Tipped Hair

Ever since his very first fight against Robert Limon, and before he dropped the Nathan and went with just Nate, the younger fighting Diaz brother was Stockton slapping grown men around in MMA competitions, all while rocking hair with frosted tips.

If you don’t know your history Diaz fans, y’all better brush up quick.

Nate Diaz has come a long way since this video was filmed. It was his very first fight ever, and he took on a full grown man as a teenage kid with a bad ass big brother he looked up to.

Nick was the first to make international waves in the MMA scene, and Nate was hoping to be just like him.

In this rare look back at a time before you knew who he was, Nate was able to beat Limon and secure his very first MMA win.

Now Nate has eclipsed his older brother in popularity, resume, and paydays. He is now one of the UFC’s biggest draws, holding the #1 and #2 most watched pay-per-view records of all time, in the sport period.

He’s been inactive as of late, so while we wait for Nate to make his next move, enjoy his very first fight replay, in the video player above.