New Video Surfaces Of McGregor Sparring With Infamous Irish Cartel Hitman — Watch Now

Closing out 2017, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor caused an international stir with his involvement with Ireland’s Kinahan gang.

The Irish mega-star had reportedly beat up multiple gang members, over his friendship with another one of the gang members in the Kinahan ranks.

Headlines spun round the world would reveal that there was a ransom on Conor McGregor’s head that he must pay up or die.

And while those talks have now calmed down, and the McGregor family has denied any involvement, it was made clear during the media storm that Conor McGregor did have connections to Ireland’s notorious crime family.

Now, in a new video just surfaced, that pre-dates McGregor’s entrance into the UFC, we see him sparring with known Kinahan hitman Eamonn Cumberton.

Cumberton has since been jailed for life for a murder involving the Kinahan-Hutch family feud. The same feud McGregor reportedly injected himself in the middle of last year.

Cumberton was found guilty in a special non-jury criminal court, for murdering the manager of the Sunset House pub in Dublin.

In the video below, we can see Conor McGregor’s sparring footage with the now jailed Irish hitman, only proving once again that Conor McGregor’s ties to organized crime are deeper than the family will have you believe.

Check it out:

In a report from Ireland’s Sun, they break down what Cumberton did to earn a life sentence.

The 30-year-old had denied the murder of 35-year-old Michael Barr in Dublin’s north inner city on April 25 2016.

Mr Barr was standing at the counter of the bar when two men wearing “Freddy Krueger” masks entered the pub and one of them shot him seven times.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt, presiding at the three-judge court, said that the people socialising in the pub that night were “treated to a very traumatic spectacle indeed”.

Witnesses described the men as wearing “Freddie Krueger” masks. One man approached Mr Barr and shot him. The other man stood at the door and discharged one shot from a gun, which struck the bar.

The men then left the pub and got back into the Audi.

The Audi was later found partly burnt out on Walsh Road in Drumcondra. People in the area saw three men attempting to set fire to the car.

He said that the items had been placed there in the car and that the men expected they would “soon be consumed by fire”.

Mr Justice Hunt said the court was satisfied Cumberton’s DNA was found on items in the car which were “closely associated with the murder of Mr Barr” and that there was “no basis to conclude his DNA was present in car for some innocent reason”.

Mr Barr had been shot seven times, with five shots to the head and one each to the shoulder and neck.