Nick Diaz: ‘I swear to god, GSP drugged me when I fought him’

Back in 2013, Nick Diaz ended his long string of dominance when he faced off with GSP at UFC 158. Now the UFC mega-star is saying he believes he was drugged ahead of fight night.

In a video of himself watching his fight with former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, the Stockton born fan favorite dropped the bombshell on the world.

Nick Diaz Net Worth is still quite large. even being inactive in the UFC.

Oddly enough, for Nick Diaz, this was only two fights ago. He’s been mostly inactive since losing to GSP, having only fought once in a no contest to Anderson Silva.

UFC star Nick Diaz.

“They drugged me. They drugged me, I swear to god they drugged me.”

“Look at me. I’m a machine. They drugged me. I’d do better in that fight right now. Right now I’d do better in that fight. Easy. I walk away, move around, I walk away.”

Here’s what he said in this newly surfaced video:

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