Scariest Female Champ On The Planet Kicks Down A Tree With Her Bare Shin

Fighters push themselves in training, it’s part of the job. However, some fighters like to take things to the next level and test themselves against the elements themselves. In this video, one of the scariest female kickboxing champions on the planet decides to kick down a tree with her bare shin.

There are perhaps few fighters as fearsome as Anissa Meksen. The talented Muay Thai kickboxer has put on a storied career through the years, earning brutal victories over some seriously tough and talented opponents.

Now the fighter has decided to take to social media to share a video of herself honing her kicks on a tree.

In the video provided, Meksen can be seen kicking a tree over and over again until the tree collapses. Check out the terrifying series of strikes in the video below:

Anissa Meksen earned the Glory super bantamweight title back at Glory 48 in 2017, having outscored Tiffany van Soest for a title earning decision victory.

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