Shocking Details Of Nate Diaz’s UFC Contract Leaked, Including How Much He Makes Per Fight

When it comes to UFC mega-star Nate Diaz, fight fans give the Stockton mega-star a pass when it comes to his inactivity.

Because he is such a massive star, and due to the UFC’s reputation to underpay their athletes, many fight fans believe Nate is just holding out for what he’s actually worth.

In the last reported contract negotiations with the UFC, it was rumored that Nate Diaz was asking for a $15 million guarantee. That would be the biggest fighter guarantee in UFC history, and as a result a fight was never made.

Still though, what is realistic for a Nate Diaz?

Stars like GSP, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar and Chuck Liddell are the only confirmed champions and former champions to demand seven figure payday guarantees.

Out of these select few, garnering a million dollar guarantee is nearly unheard of.

Well, we can apparently add Nate Diaz to that seven figures club, and as the only seven figure UFC fighter to never hold championship gold.

We get this information via a new Eddie Alvarez interview. Alvarez says that before he fought Conor McGregor, he hired Nate Diaz’s manager to structure the exact same deal that Nate got.

As a result, Eddie has an intimate knowledge of Nate Diaz’s contract, and according to the former champion, Nate gets paid millions of dollars per fight.

Here’s Eddie’s breakdown when discussing a potential fight against the super-star and how money isn’t the real reason Nate continues to turn down fights.

Eddie stated on the MMA Hour, “It’s purely up to Nate Diaz if he wants to rumble or not. He said a lot of stuff. So we’ll see. It’s on him.”

“And the thing is, they say, ‘He jut wants money, he wants money.’ Let me tell the fans something…”

“I know Nate’s contract. I know it. I know exactly what he gets. I hired his management when I was doing my McGregor deal. So, I know his deal in and out. Nate’s getting paid… MONEY! He’s going to make millions regardless of who he fights.”

Alvarez continued, “If he fights me he’s going to make over a million dollars, guaranteed. Don’t worry about Nate getting paid. If he don’t want to fight, it’s because he don’t want to fight the opponent. He’s going to make money.”

Earlier in the discussion Alvarez rated Nate as far as other opponent’s he’s faced in the UFC, and broke down his relationship with Nick and Nate Diaz.

“He’s up there, I barely look at rankings anymore, because it’s so subjective. I don’t look at rank. I think guys that get ranked are just guys that the UFC is trying to put in title contention. Is kind of what it seems like.”

“He’s up there man, and to be honest with you, I’m just trying to get the biggest names, and I’ve done in the very beginning with the UFC. I just want the biggest names. I feel like people tune in for that. they want to see the biggest names fight each other.”

“A Diaz Alvarez will go well…”

“The biggest names we can get, going against each other for the fans, is always where I want to be at.”

The former champion continued, “I’m cool with these guys. Nick came to my after party in Texas, after I fought Dustin Poirier.”

“Nick was being kicked out of the club, and my manager had an after party where we got to stay later and Nick came up. I’ve always been cool with the Diaz [brothers].”

So according to Alvarez, Nate Diaz is super paid!