Steven Seagal Gets Banned From An Entire Country For Political Ties To Russia

Steven Seagal

Action film star and martial artist Steven Seagal has formed a friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the years. The film star recently earned citizenship into Russia. But, it would appear that Seagal has been banned from another country for his ties to Russia.

UFC President Dana White at UFC 202.

As reported by News Sky, Steven Seagal has been barred from Ukraine. Ukranian security service has claimed Seagal has “committed socially dangerous actions…that contradict the interests of maintaining Ukraine’s security.” As a result, Seagal has been banned from the country the past several years. However, the film star has yet to officially respond to the ban.

UFC President Dana White at the TUF Finale.

Russia annexed Crimea from the Ukraine in 2014, creating severe tension between the countries.

UFC President Dana White at UFC 193.

Steven Seagal is a 7th-dan black belt in the martial art of Aikido, as the martial artist has looked to bring the practice into many of his action films throughout the years.

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