UFC Fighter Bypasses Reebok, Gets Tattoo Of Sponsor Logo

UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje seems to have found a way to bypass Reebok, as the fighter has gotten a tattoo of another sponsor’s logo on his body.

Back in 2014, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) struck a uniform deal with Reebok. Since the deal was made official, UFC competitors have not been permitted to wear any gear inside the octagon other than those sponsored by the sport’s apparel company.

UFC President Dana White.

The uniform deal has since caused some unrest among UFC competitors, with some even departing from the promotion in preference to other organizations. Prior to the UFC’s deal with Reebok, many octagon competitors sported sponsored gear from competing sports apparel company Bad Boy.

UFC boss Dana White

While fighters are no longer permitted to use the brand inside the octagon, Justin Gaethje has the Bad Boy logo marked on his rib cage. Check it out in the picture below:

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