UFC’s Ultimate Fighter Veteran Female Booked To Fight A Man In The Cage

Tara Larosa

McDojo Life, a company that calls out frauds in the martial arts industry, recently posted a video concerning female martial artists using defense techniques. Gainesville, Fla. native Kris Zylinski quickly responded to the message claiming women are incapable of defending themselves without a firearm. However, he probably wasn’t expecting to face a former UFC female competitor.

Former UFC fighter Tara Larosa.

As reported by mycbs4.com, A member of McDojo Life eventually reached out to the man and asked him if he feels capable of accepting a challenge concerning the matter. The company then offered $1,000 to any professional female fighter interested in taking Zylinski on inside the cage.

TUF Competitor Tara Larosa posing.

23-year-old Anna Dempster quickly took the company up on their offer, with the two set to face off on Jan. 6 at the Breaking Point Martial Arts center in Apopka. However, Dempster has since suffered an eye injury while training and has been forced to pull out of the match up.

Former UFC female, Tara Larosa.

So mixed martial arts pioneer and former competitor on The Ultimate Fighter Tara Larosa is lined up to face off against Kris Zylinski for his controversial statements concerning female fighters on Saturday, Jan. 6.

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