UFC Veteran Jailed For 5 Years After Horrific Assault Of Spouse

A UFC veteran has been sentenced to five years in prison following the assault of his significant other.

Lavar Johnson has put on a lengthy career in the sport of mixed martial arts. The fighter has competed under a bevy of different promotional banners, including Bellator MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

UFC President Dana White.

That being said, Johnson’s career came to a halt when the fighter was sentenced to multiple years in prison.

UFC President Dana White.

As reported by ABC 30, Lavar Johnson has been sentenced to five years in prison for the beating of his girlfriend. Johnson reportedly admitted to the assault taking place after an argument between the two individuals. Johnson had been in a relationship with the woman for seven years.

UFC President Dana White.

Allegedly intoxicated, Johnson was angry that the woman had been tracking his location with a GPS.

“Lavar is not the guy that a lot of people perceive because of his fighting career,” Gary Davie, friend to the fighter, told ABC 30. “He just happened to be good at it, made some good money at it and pursued it. Or the guy that was labeled negatively because of this incident. Lavar is a man with serious flaws, incredible potential and self worth.”

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