USADA Introduces Artificial Leech To Drug Test UFC Fighters Anywhere, Anytime

There’s probably no more efficient way to draw blood painlessly than what nature’s leech can already do. However, USADA has developed a new technology that mimics this creatures abilities. The drug testing leech is here, and ready to be put in the field for UFC fighter drug screening.

It’s a shocking new development, one that once improved upon further might be able to be permanently fixed to an athlete and remotely activated from anywhere with a wifi connection.

The present version will still need a USADA rep present, but the tech is real. In fact, it was just introduced by UFC and USADA executive Jeff Novitzky as the future of drug testing.

This device promises a more cost effective approach, without the need of medical experts to draw blood.This means the organization can test more fighters, more often, and for a fraction of the present cost.

They’re calling it the leech, and it’s not because that’s just a clever name.

Taking to Joe Rogan’s podcast, he stated,

“So with this leeching device, it’s got 30 micro-needles in it the size of about an eyelash,” said Novitzky as transcribed by “You put it up on your arm, you hit this button and painlessly the micro-needles reach into the capillaries, so jut the blood at the top of the skin, and draws out a small amount of blood.”

Here’s the full replay, showing Novitzky demonstrate and explain the new device in detail. It’s worth the watch.

Is this the wave of the future?

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