Gina Carano Revealing Wardrobe Malfunction Goes Viral Status Quick

Gina Carano

When it comes to female fighting icons, there is none bigger than former top draw Gina Carano. Now, as part of her budding film career, a clip from a movie has garnered viral attention for a wardrobe malfunction slip up that got a little too revealing.

Former MMA female star Gina Carano

A quick internet search on any platform and you’ll find countless amounts of media of the former MMA star in sexy and desirable images. However, it’s been years since anything new has come out. Until now…

Gina Carano is credited for giving Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, as well as many other top UFC stars the motivation to pursue a prize fighting career.

Gina Carano poses for the camera at an event

The 50 Best (female) Wardrobe Malfunctions In Sports

The once undefeated MMA female was the top dog of the sport. In fact, her and Cris Cyborg still hold one of the top records for most watched televised fights in the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

Nowadays though, your best chance of catching Gina Carano in a fight is on the big screen, because she’s taken her fighting credentials to Hollywood, and has never looked back.

Now, here’s the her celebrity wardrobe malfunction gone viral. In fact, it might make the list of the 50 best (female) wardrobe malfunctions in sports. — You’re welcome:

Gina Carano wardrobe malfunction has gone viral for the former MMA female.


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