Villante Defeats Barosso On UFC 220 Pay-Per-View Fight Card | UFC Results

Francimar Barossa vs. Gian Villante got pegged as the second pay-per-view fight of the new year.

The two light-heavyweights are known for their entertaining styles, and tonight’s UFC 220 bout was no different.

In the first round, Villante opened up with a big right hand, and the fight was underway. Two-minutes into the first round, and nothing but power shots have been thrown from the two strikers. Both men were looking for that one shot knockout blow.

Villante was the man in control in round 1, often backing up his opponent, and landing more frequent and heavier shots.

In round 2, the round opened up with Gian landing more heavy shots right to the chin of Barossa, but Barossa would not drop. The midway point of the round and fight and it was all Villante, doing great work with strikes to the dome of his opponent. The round ended without a finish.

In round 3 it started out as more of the same. Gian landing big shots, but Barossa was still in it. But could not pull it out.

UFC Result:

Gian Villante def. Francimar Barossa via split decision.

Here’s highlights: