Wrestling Champion Attacked By Gangsters, Who Chopped Off His Fingers

Tragedy has stricken the international wrestling community today, after Egyptian Wrestling champion Abdullatif Maniea was attacked by a group of local gangsters, who stabbed him after practice, and chopped off multiple fingers.

As a result, the once promising young athlete’s career might be over.

The local media reports: (Translated)

Egyptian wrestling champion Abdullatif Maniea, after finishing his morning training on Friday in the city of Dakarnes, Dakahlia province, and made two pieces of his fingers in his hand.

The local newspaper “Al-Masry Al-Youm” reported that an ambulance had taken the player to a special hospital in Mansoura City while he was seriously injured in his hand.

Witnesses told the newspaper that unknown assailants attacked the player with white weapons and fled the runaway.

The newspaper quoted Mohamed Manea, the father of the player as saying that his son, “Abdullatif Mania, champion of the world and the champion of Africa in Roman wrestling for three sessions, was attacked by thugs in the street popular shops in the city of Dekernes so famous in Dekernes that they beat the hero, Any other person “.

The father added that “they stabbed my son after he left the exercise, and assaulted him with a tooth and a tooth, and cut his index finger and middle in his left hand, in addition to bruises on his shoulder, and the doctor underwent surgery that lasted about 5 hours,” according to the newspaper.

He will not be able to participate in the African Nations Cup in Nigeria on February 7.

The boy’s father has confirmed that four fingers. Both his indez and middle fingers were severed by the attackers, who then stabbed him.