Cris Cyborg Reacts To Ronda’s WWE Move By Suggesting She Needs Mental Help

UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg has a long history of rivalry with Ronda Rousey.

At first it was Ronda Rousey who was always on the attack, but Ronda’s last two stints inside the Octagon have given Cris Cyborg more than enough ammunition to win the war over a longer period.

It was once believed that the two would eventually meet inside the Octagon, however, now that is likely to never, ever happen.

With Ronda’s debut into the WWE this past Sunday, the Brazilian champion hit MMAFighting with a reaction to Ronda’s WWE switch, and a reaction to Ronda’s inability to address her losses in the UFC.

Here’s what Cyborg said:

“I believe that she will be happy in WWE, and it’s completely different from the reality of MMA. For an example, wins and losses are decided before the shows.”

“I think it’s normal [for Ronda Rousey]. In reality, we can only talk about things that we already overcame in our minds. She hasn’t overcome her MMA losses yet, even in another stage of her career. Sometimes people need professional help to get over it.”