Aldo Goes Viral, Makes Translator Say Perverted Things In English

Former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo made an interesting statement leading up to his title fight war against Max Holloway at UFC 218. Now a video of the incident is going viral.

Jose Aldo faced off against reigning UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway in a highly anticipated rematch at UFC 218. Following the weigh-ins for the event, Aldo offered a few statements that the former champion’s translator had an awkward time verbalizing.

“I know I was on the right weight.” Aldo said. “I like to play that, just to f*ck the grave digger’s ass.”

When the reporter asked for clarification on Aldo’s statement, the fighter’s translator stated “He likes to pretend he’s dead, just to f*ck the gravedigger straight up in the ass”

Check out the unexpected moment in the video above.

Max Holloway would go on to earn a TKO finish over his opponent.

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