In New First, UFC Releases Fighter Over Brain Health Concerns

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has cancelled another fighter’s contract. Consequently, the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is now short another fighter on their extensive roster.

UFC welterweight Jonathan Meunier is 1-1 in his career inside the octagon. After facing a submission loss to Colby Covington in his octagon debut, Meunier returned to the UFC to earn a unanimous decision victory over Richard Walsh.

With that in mind, the UFC has since decided to cancel the fighter’s contract.

As reported by promotion TKO MMA, Jonathan Meunier was subjected to intracranial surgery back in 2010. The procedure was attempted in hopes of removing an arteriovenous break from the fighter’s brain.

However, the UFC has since increased the precautionary levels concerning medical conditions for fighters. The effects of intracranial surgery is one of the many conditions now receiving heavy scrutiny from the promotion.

As a result, the UFC has cancelled Jonathan Meunier’s fighting contract.

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