Beef! Dan Hardy Drops Knowledge On Tyron Woodley, And The Champ Wants None Of It

A war of words between a former title challenger in Dan Hardy, and the current UFC champion in Tyron Woodley has continued this week, after Dan Hardy spoke out about the champ’s conduct.

Woodley is always down to defend himself, and given his recent spat with UFC president Dana White, it might have been the wrong time to poke the bear.

It all started when Dan Hardy got critical of Woodley, without actually naming him in his rant. Woodley though wouldn’t allow the comments to go unanswered, and this resulted in a back and forth.

Here’s the breakdown:
It is not befitting of a world champion to whine so much. A champion is someone that represents courage and strength. An ability to endure difficult circumstances and push on. How is it not obvious that this characteristic negatively affects marketability?

I pray this comment isn’t for me. Because it’s so bizarre when non champions say what a champion should represent. Especially with little to zero knowledge of circumstance. But I know it’s not about me, being the respect we have for one another……

Go back and read some of the comments from your own fans, replying to your tweet! I respect you as an athlete and a champion, but many UFC fans aren’t Woodley fans, and as a champion it’s worth listening to them and figuring out why.

Go back and check my resume, and what I’ve done in a short period of time. See how I captured this title. I respect you, and As a fan it’s worth going back and reading.

Yes, it’s very impressive, and you are absolutely deserving of that belt. The issue now is that you don’t feel like you are being promoted properly, but if people don’t want to watch you fight, why would they spend the [money] to promote you?