Breaking: UFC Lawyers Forced To Call Woodley, Tell Him Stop Lying About Nate Diaz Fight

Despite the two versions of the story told by Tyron Woodley and Nate Diaz, UFC president Dana White has denied the rumors that Tyron Woodley vs. Nate Diaz is even on the radar.

The UFC President confirmed while on tonight’s UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1, that Tyron Woodley was disciplined by the UFC’s attorney’s due to the lying nature of his statements.

Dana White stated, “It’s so not true, that our lawyers called Tyron Woodley and told him to stop saying things like this.”

“We’ve offered Nate Diaz five fights in the past several months and he’s turned them all down. He’s turned down every fight we’ve offered him.”

“People love to say stuff, and print stuff that isn’t true.”

The UFC president confirmed that Rafael dos Anjos will face Woodley next, not Nate Diaz.