Conor’s Coach Takes Issue With All The Objectifying Of Male Olympic Bulges

John Kavanagh is the head coach of the popular mixed martial arts training camp SBG Ireland, home to UFC superstar Conor McGregor. Now Kavanagh has come forward to vent his opinion on a recent article by BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed recently published an article concerning the sometimes noticeable bulge that appears in the pants of male Luge players. Titled “11 Men’s Luge Bulges That All Deserve Gold Medals,” the article has since been receiving some heat.

Taking to Twitter, John Kavanagh has now decided to offer his thoughts on the matter.

“Imagine the absolute meltdown if men were objectifing Olympic women like this, gotta love the double standards”

Here is a look at the images discussed within BuzzFeed’s recent article:

Like that of Kristers Aparjods of Latvia. Boom!

That's Latvia's Kristers Aparjods.

This is Austria's David Gleirscher, btw.

Australia's Alex Ferlazzo swervin' and drivin'.

Georgia's Giorgi Sogoiani.

Kazakhstan's Nikita Kopyrenko.

That's Andrei Turea from Romania.Say hello to Taiwan's Lien Te-An.

With Russia's Roman Repilov.

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