Breaking: Dillashaw Ready To Accept Garbrandt Fight, Asks The UFC For More Money

Ever since UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway pulled out of UFC 222, reports have been spreading that a rematch between Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw has been targeted for the replacement main event.

Now it would appear that the UFC bantamweight champion is interested in the match up for the right price.

UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw first offered a series of reasons as to why he would not take the short notice fight, mentioning his newly born child and the fact that he has not been training.

However, Dillashaw, at the time of this report, is sitting down with Luke Thomas on Sirius XM’s The Luke Thomas Show to discuss the possibility of taking the fight.

Speaking to Thomas, Dillashaw revealed that he would fight “No Love” at UFC 222 if the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) financially made it worth while for him.

The fighter also revealed that he has an injury and has not been training.

So far, this fight was originally known as a lock, then Dillashaw’s head coach injected himself into the negotiations, and halted his fighter from taking the bout.

Garbrandt has agreed to the fight, and has a pregnant wife at home. He’s not training and also revealed he is dealing with an injury as well.

The UFC needs a replacement main event for the UFC 222 fight card, or they risk another pay-per-view cancellation.

But will they cough up the money?

Stay tuned….

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