‘Just let him do cocaine and take d*ck pills’

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has performed a storied and controversial career in mixed martial arts. The fighter has failed multiple drug tests and has had his title stripped on multiple occasions.

Back in 2014, following Jon Jones’ battle at UFC 182, it was revealed that Jon Jones failed a drug test for cocaine. Jones would later be stripped of his title for a connection to a hit-and-run incident in 2015.

Jon Jones would then receive a one year suspension for failing a drug test in 2016. The former champion was pulled from his highly anticipated rematch against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 due to the flagged drug test.

Jones was stripped of his interim title for the failed drug test, making him the first UFC fighter to ever be stripped of a title more than once. Jones would go on to claim that the banned substances entered his system unintentionally due to male enhancement pills he referred to as “d*ck pills.”

Returning from his one year suspension, Jon Jones was once again set to face off against Daniel Cormier. This time, the two fighters managed to battle it out at UFC 214. Jones earned a knockout victory over his rival and regained the UFC light heavyweight title.

USADA has since flagged Jones for another failed drug test. The knockout victory has been overturned to a no contest and Jones has once again been stripped of his title.

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has now decided to provided his opinion on Jon Jones’ ability to compete inside the octagon, considering the fighter’s controversial past. Speaking with longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan, as seen in the video below, Schaub offered his thoughts.

Rogan first mentioned that Jones should consider his potential inside the octagon if he were to restrict himself to a regiment diet and healthy lifestyle. Schaub responded:

“You think he wants that? You’ve got to let him free like Shamu. Don’t put him in the f**king container and let people look at him. Let him out in the ocean and do his thing.

“All Jon knows is how to live in the wild, then you want to toss him in f**king container, put him in a blazer and khakis and no d*ck pills. Let him live.

“Is it a crime to take d*ck pills and a little coke?”

Check it out in the video below:

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