Smoke Blunt In Crowd, Take Selfie With UFC’s Head Of USADA After — Nate Diaz

In the video above, Nate Diaz pulled out a massive baseball bat of a joint on the UFC’s nationally broadcasted Fight Night Austin event. The younger of the Diaz brother duo went viral for his efforts.

Unbeknownst to all of us, until late last night, is that Nate Diaz followed up this move with a selfie featuring the UFC’s head of USADA testing in Jeff Novitzky.

It should really come as no surprise though, Novitzky is a fighter friendly UFC executive who looks to rid the UFC’s roster of Performance Enhancing drug users, and he is gallant in his efforts to do so.

Marijuana though, is not a PED, in or out of competition, and who doesn’t love Nate Diaz?

Here’s the new photo from the night, and Nate Diaz says he is USADA approved!

Usada approved with my guy @jnovitzky

Usada approved with my guy @jnovitzky ???

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