Luke Rockhold Breaks His Silence On Crushing UFC 221 Defeat

Absent any post-fight media, former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold has finally broken his silence after yesterday’s UFC 221 main event.

In the fight, Rockhold was trying to capture his second UFC world title, but the 40 year old Yoel Romero had other plans.

After a close first two rounds, that saw Luke being able to keep Yoel off him and pretty much dictate the pace of the action, the AKA fighter took a massive left hand on the temple, and got his lights shut off.

Yoel Romero now moves on to face Robert Whittaker in a rematch for the UFC’s undisputed middleweight world title.

After the fight, it took Luke time to make a statement, but now he has, and here’s what he said.

Respect to Yoel that man is made of steel.

Classy as always!