Poll: With 4th Failed Drug Test, Is Anderson Silva Still Hall-Of-Fame Worthy?

In what is now one of the biggest falls from grace in UFC history, it was revealed today that Anderson Silva’s latest of four failed drug tests since 2015, was for multiple banned substances.

The once infamous UFC legend, who still holds the record for the most UFC title defense to this day, has hit a new low.

He is now facing up to an 8 year ban from the sport, and at 42-years-old, that’s a career ender.

Silva to this day has tested positive for the following banned substances:


And most recently,
Synthetic Testosterone

These are all not good things to fail for.

So it begs the question, is Anderson Silva worthy of a UFC Hall-Of-Fame induction?

This designation is usually given after a fighter retires, and Silva, up until this latest drug testing violation was a sure thing for a slot in the UFC’s Hall-Of-Fame.

We’ve created a poll, let us know your thoughts by casting your vote: