“Rose Namajunas Would Put It On CM Punk… Walk Right Through Him”

Everyone’s got an opinion when it comes to CM Punk. Fortunately for the WWE star, the only opinion that matters in regards to a UFC return is that of UFC president Dana White’s.

Some people are calling for CM Punk to welcome Floyd Mayweather to the cage, while odds makers have Justin Bieber as the favorite.

It’s really a pick em when it comes to CM Punk’s risk by entering back in the UFC, something he’s reportedly firm in doing.

Popular podcast host and former UFC heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub thinks the UFC should match him up with a female fighter.

Check it out:

“Maybe because I was just watching that move battle of the sexes, but it got me thinking… What do you do with CM Punk?”

“There’s not a man on the UFC roster that does not walk through him in under a minute. So what do you do with him? You’re obviously going to give him another fight. Is he a ratings draw? I don’t think so.”

“What about a Cyborg? What if you do a battle of the sexes? What about this whole #MeToo movement and you do one for the ladies and you let Cyborg knock his head off? She would knock his fucking head off.”

“Why not do it?”

“Even Amanda Nunes. God man, even a “Thug” Rose… would put it on him.”

“There’s not a man on the roster who does not beat him in any weight class. So I don’t know what you do with him to keep it compelling.”

Here’s the full segment from Schaub: (Timestamped for your convenience.)