Stephens Knows Emmett Has Trained With Team Alpha Male’s Killers, But He Warns That He’s Different

UFC featherweight Jeremy Stephens is set to face off against Team Alpha Male warrior Josh Emmett in the main event of the incipient fight card UFC on FOX 28. With that in mind, Stephens has now come forward with his thoughts on facing the talented competitor.

Josh Emmett is a mixed martial arts warrior that has been a dedicated member of the highly acclaimed Sacramento, Calif. gym Team Alpha Male for some time. Responsible for multiple world class MMA champions, the UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber founded camp has a history of making winners.

Now Emmett will be headlining his first UFC event, making for his sixth total performance inside the octagon. Speaking on the matter, Jeremy Stephens has come forward with his thoughts on facing the talented fighter.

Speaking to MMA Weekly, Stephens stated:

“He’s been in the gym getting these guys ready. He hasn’t actually been out there on the battlefield like a true general getting that experience. He’ll be well prepared and he’ll be in great shape but he doesn’t have what I have. He’s going to find that out very soon.

“I’m not a competitor. I don’t score points. I’m in there to take you out. I will break him.”

“I’m not a competitor. I’m a vicious fighter. I’m a savage killer who wants to take you out, who wants to finish you. That’s the difference between me and these guys. I have the edge in the will to win that these guys just don’t understand. They can look at my rap sheet all they want but they don’t understand what’s in my mindset and my experience that I had fighting nothing but warriors at 155 and 145 [pounds].

“This guy doesn’t have that.”

“I’m willing to go in there and step up and take advantage and lay it all on the line. I’m a different breed. He’s going to find that out very soon when we get in there.”

These two mixed martial arts warriors will face off in the main event UFC on FOX 28. The event will take place Saturday night, Feb. 24, inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla.

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