UFC’s TUF Winner Still Scamming His Fan For Money, Refusing To Make It Right

It would appear that a former winner of the popular reality television series The Ultimate Fighter is not following through on his end of a deal with a fight fan.

Mixed martial arts competitor Norman Parke won the lightweight tournament on 2012’s The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes. Following a series of performances inside the octagon, Parke has since parted ways with the promotion.

That being said, the former UFC competitor has still managed to stay in the headlines. Most recently, Parke was outed by a fan for not following through on a deal. The fighter allegedly promised a fan a pair of fight worn gloves from the KSW promotion in exchange for $350.

While Parke has received the money, the fighter has yet to provide the gloves or a requested refund to the fight fan.

“I sent @norman_parke $350 way back in early June of 2017 for a pair of fight worn KSW gloves. All I have got back in 8-9 months is excuses and delays. Just pay me back and get this over with.”

Now the fight fan has come forward once again to reveal that Parke has still not followed through on the alleged deal.

“So @norman_parke first said he would pay me back by last week, then it changed to this week but nothing yet. Only a couple more days left in the week.”

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