Vitor Belfort Thinks “The Next Generation Is Becoming Idiots”

Mixed martial arts legend Vitor Belfort has gone to social media to share his thoughts on the “next generation.” This time around, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran has offered a heated opinion on the matter.

Vitor Belfort is currently being target for a retirement fight against former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida. The two mixed martial arts veterans are being set to throw down at UFC 224.

The exciting pay-per-view event will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 12. While Belfort is gearing up for the event, the fighter has decided to give a harsh criticism to the public.

Taking to Instagram, Belfort stated:

“This is crazy, but is so true. Albert einstein was right, the next generation are becoming idiots !!! An ocean view mansion in San Francisco with daily rates up to $1500 dollars become a Social Media ‘detox’ retreat for kids and teenagers.

“‘The retreat’s Principal told us that some families says that they are not even able to have a simple meal because their kids are always on Snapchat.'”

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