Woodley Blasts Back At White, Says It’s Dana Who Is Lying About The Diaz Fight

UFC President Dana White went on the UFC Tonight show this evening to debunk the rumors that a fight between Tyron Woodley and Nate Diaz is in the works.

The UFC boss said that Tyron Woodley was completely “Full of shit”, during his lengthy rant debunking the fight.

This revelation came as a shocking surprise to the MMA world, because both Woodley and Diaz confirmed this week that the UFC had offered them a fight against each other.

In Dana’s statement on the topic he stated, “He’s full of shit. That fight was never made. You couldn’t be more wrong, He couldn’t be more full of shit. It’s absolutely not true. It’s so not true that our lawyer actually hit him up today — hit his manager up, and said, ‘He needs to stop saying these kind of things,’ because it’s absolutely not true.

“I wouldn’t bet a nickel on it, let alone his house. … Dos Anjos is the fight we’re looking at for Woodley. That’s the fight, a fair fight, he just won a great fight against Robbie Lawler. And what I love about that fight is that I think Dos Anjos will bring it. He’ll come after Tyron Woodley, and it’ll be a great fight.

Now Tyron Woodley has responded directly to Dana White, with a meme that says, “Why you always lying”.

Check it out: