Anthony “Rumble” Johnson Is Even More Jacked Than Last Time We Saw Him, Explains Why

Former UFC welterweight fighter, turned light-heavyweight title challenger Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is getting bigger by the minute.

And despite his massive physique, that keeps growing in retirement, the former UFC knockout artist confirms he’s not bulking up to be defined as a bodybuilder.

Instead, “Rumble” says it’s just due to genetics that he keeps getting bigger.

Watch, in the video above, just how massive the former UFC star has gotten.

Here’s his recent statement on his size:

From a few week’s ago with my training partner @justequentin…

Only a few more day’s and you’ll be on stage big dog!

Btw NO I’m not training to compete in Bodybuilding.. Genetics can be a mofo!!!

I’ve always had a passion for bodybuilding but will never go that route.

I’ll leave that up to my guys