Jim Miller Leaks Personal Texts, Showing How He’s Really Offered Fights In The UFC

Longtime UFC lightweight fighter Jim Miller is set to return to action on April 21, on his hometown card in New Jersey.

He was wanting to return to action earlier, but the UFC lacked appropriate matchups for the UFC star to return.

Miller is now set to face Dan Hooker on the night, in Atlantic City, and recently he got called out by David Teymur, who said Miller ducked a fight with him.

In doing so, Teymur prompted Jim Miller to leak several text messages from the UFC matchmaking department, proving that his name was never on his radar.

It’s an interesting insight into how the UFC handles fight bookings with one of their most active fighters in history.

Check it out:

Jim even offered the following email:

Hey @DavidTeymur I’m sorry but your management isn’t being honest with you. Normally I just get sent a name and date, and I accept. If I ever get sent yours, I’ll accept. Good luck sorting it out and finding a fight. #iaintnopussy


When Jim Miller faces off with Hooker, he will tie the UFC record with Michael Bisping for the most UFC fights in history.