Brock Lesnar Remaining Active In WWE Action, Shows Off Insane Strength In Latest Pummeling Of Reigns

With rumors circulating that former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is bound for a return to the Octagon, the WWE is reportedly planning for the big man’s exit.

As such, the world’s largest pro-wrestling promotion is keeping Lesnar active, ahead of his Wrestlemania headline match against Roman Reigns.

In the current storyline, Lesnar will face Reigns for the promotion’s most prestigious world title.

And while we know that ‘wrastling’ stuff is all fake, what’s not fake is Brock Lesnar’s insane strength.

In the video above, watch as Lesnar catches his rival mid-air, then suplexes the crap out of the man.

Brock’s still got it!

Enjoy the video.