Bruce Lee’s Family Releases Touching Tribute On Anniversary Of Their Tragic Loss — RIP

Bruce Lee is a popular culture icon. The martial arts legend garnered an eclectic set of skills and talents during his life, inspiring generations of people from across the globe.

Lee was a practitioner of Wing Chun, playing a large role in bringing the teachings of Ip Man and the martial art itself to the west. However, Lee would go on to form his own martial arts Jeet Kune Do.

Lee was also a talented philosopher and martial arts film actor. However, Lee passed away at the age of 32 on July 20, 1973. The martial artist suffered an allergic reaction to a substance often found in painkillers that caused swelling in his brain.

Brandon Lee, the only son of Bruce Lee, would go on to form a storied career of his own in acting and martial arts. However, Brandon Lee passed away at the age of 28 on March 31, 1993.

Lee was on set performing a scene for the hit film The Crow, when a prop prop gun malfunctioned and fired a shot that struck Lee in the abdomen. The martial artist died of his wounds.

Now Shannon Lee, brother to Brandon Lee and daughter to Bruce Lee, has taken to Bruce Lee’s official Twitter account to share a remembrance video on the anniversary of her brother’s passing.

Check it out below:

“25 years ago, we lost a talented, beautiful soul. Today we hope you’ll join Shannon Lee, Linda Lee Cadwell and the Bruce Lee Family Company in remembering Brandon.”

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