Derrick Lewis Responds To Ngannou’s Callout In The Most Gangster Way Possible

UFC heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Francis Ngannou are now going back and forth over social media. Following a heated message from Ngannou, “The Black Beast” has come forward to accept the knockout artist’s call out.

Francis Ngannou is a rising knockout artist within the UFC. The fighter earned a shot at the heavyweight title after knocking out former K-1 Champion Alistair Overeem in stunning fashion.

That being said, things simply did not go Ngannou’s way when the fighter went toe-to-toe with reigning champion Stipe Miocic. Miocic earned a dominant unanimous decision victory over his opponent, with many coming to question Ngannou’s cardio after the fight.

Among them, Derrick Lewis offered a short video of himself criticizing Ngannou, as can be seen above. Ngannou would later call out the fighter over social media.

“Derrick has been talking some of his sh*t while I was off . Can someone please let him know that I’m here now, so if he really wants me, he should send his manager to deal with”

Now Lewis has gone to Instagram to accept the fighter’s call out. In Derrick Lewis fashion, the UFC heavyweight decided to pair the response with a stunning photo. The fighter can be seen smoking a cigar as he retaliates to Ngannou’s tweet. Check it out below:

“it’s about time someone translated to you that I’ve been wanting this fight since last year”

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