Father Releases Shocking Photos Of Daughter, Puts Bounty On Boyfriend’s Head

Domestic violence is a brutal and terrifyingly grim reality for many. It can be difficult to survive. For Chantelle Ward, it could have been the end.

As reported by Life Buzz, Chantelle Ward experienced both mental and physical abuse by former significant other Rhys Culley. Ward first revealed that she was being controlled by Culley on a near daily basis.

“I was physically and mentally abused by my ex. He wouldn’t let me wear certain clothes or speak to certain people, I couldn’t wear make-up, it was silly things like that which I didn’t realize were classed as domestic violence.”

Culley would then go on to savagely attack the woman, leaving Ward with a bloody nose and a permanently damaged upper lip. After being struck by the individual, Ward bit through her own lip, leaving herself scared for life.

Culley is now serving eight years in prison for the offence. Ward’s father was quick to bring light to the incident, releasing photos of Ward’s physical abuse in an attempt to promote social awareness of the tragic incident. Here is a series of photos concerning the incident:

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