Fight Fans Start Online Petition For Brendan Schaub To Be Fired Over Racist Comments

It would appear that a collection of fight fans are not happy with former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub’s recent racially charged comments. Now the group is looking to have the former fighter fired from his position with Showtime.

Brendan Schaub first stirred up controversy when he criticized the panel of UFC Tonight for their race.

“Sometimes you are looking at UFC tonight and you’re like ‘Is that the best panel possible or are you just trying to check off the boxes?’” Schaub said. “We get it, UFC Tonight on FOX. You’re not racist. We get it. You have an all black panel.

“Are those the best brains and speakers for the art, to the general audience?”

The panel consisted of Yves Edwards, Karyn Bryant and reigning UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Yves Edwards would go on to criticize Schaub for the statement with a series of Twitter messages.

Now a great of fight fans have decided to start a petition in hopes of getting Schaub removed from his duties with Showtime, in which the former fighter recently landed a spot on the organization’s show “Below the Belt.” The petition currently as eight signatures, with an intended goal of 100 signatures.

The petition states, “Brendan Schaub should be fired from Showtime because of racially‐charged comments he has recently made against African American fighters and commentators.”

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