Floyd Mayweather Confirms Training Camp For UFC Fight To Begin Soon, Name Drops McGregor

There’s been a lot of speculation on whether or not Floyd Mayweather will actually try his hand in the UFC. And now, according to a brand new interview, it appears that he’s readying for that to be a reality.

Check it out:

“I’m going to start soon. We’ve been texting back and forth. We talked a couple times, but we’re going to start working out real soon.”

“I’ll probably need a little bit longer (than three months). A little bit longer. Even if it takes six to eight months, whatever it takes, we just want to make sure everything is done correctly, and everything is done the right way.

“I can wrestle. My wrestling game is not that bad. On a scale from one to 10, I would say it’s probably a seven. We can take it up to a nine, if possible. Of course my hand game, on a scale of one to 10, it’s 100. The kicking game, on a scale from one to 10, it’s probably a four. We have to tweak a few things to take things to the next level.”

“Of course, they’re going to present the right numbers and we going to make it happen. I can’t overlook or knock any MMA guy. Tyron is unbelievable – unbelievable fighter, tough competitor. Conor McGregor, he’s a tough competitor, a hell of a fighter. There’s a lot of tough, rugged guys out there in the MMA. I can’t overlook or disrespect those guys.”

Here’s Floyd’s full interview: