Frankie Edgar Incriminates Himself, Issues Public Retraction

After his knockout loss to Brian Ortega in the UFC 222 co-main event, former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar was suspended with a no-contact order that lasts until April 3.

This means, that The Nevada Athletic Commission found it reasonable and safe to suspend Edgar for 30 days, and not allow him to spar until the time had lapsed.

Then Frankie Edgar booked an immediate return to action, in Atlantic City, against Cub Swanson, and resumed training prematurely.

While a guest on a recent MMA podcast, Edgar revealed that he’s already back to sparring, and looking good, despite his recent defeat.


That’s a big no, no!

Taking to his twitter, Edgar decided a little damage control was in order, and he released the following clarification on those remarks.

Check it:

“In an interview I did this week I said I have been sparring. I just want to clarify that the sparring I’ve been doing did not include head shots and has been technical drilling sessions.”