Horse Face? Mike Perry Shows Off His Girl In Bikini Pic, Proves She’s Not What Covington Says

Colby Covington recently went viral for his remarks on UFC welterweight Mike Perry’s girlfriend.

In a scathing and crude statement, Covington stated, “Hey @PlatinumPerry, maybe having your ratchet horse faced girlfriend as your head trainer isn’t the smartest idea on planet earth. But hey, when you’re the product of cousins f**king in Ocala FL how strong can your decision making skills be? #UFCOrlando”

Mike Perry has since responded to Covington twice, stating,

And I still have more followers than. @ColbyCovMMA

I am white , I am a fuckin bum , I did live in a trailer with my mom , but I’m not Eminem so Colby can’t smash my girl , if we fought I bet I’d fuck up his world #CantCountMeOut

Now, in a photo post, Mike Perry offers his view on his girl.

Check it out:

Most people don’t see life from my point of view I’ll tell you what,the view is pretty damn good! #Pontoon #Monsoon #GoodTimes #50NakedBitchesNoExaggeration #WhenYouGettingMoneyYouCantHelpButSaveIt #LivinItUp

Where’s your girl at Colby?