Is This The End? Bellator Undergoes Severe Budget Cuts

When Scott Coker left the UFC and signed on as Bellator President, the former Strikeforce boss had a tall mountain to climb.

Unfortunately though, he’s been unable to find the same success as he once had as the leader of Strikeforce, and instead Bellator’s television ratings continue to plummet.

When Coker first took office, the struggling MMA promotion took on every UFC free agent with name recognition that they could. Fighter’s like Benson Henderson, Rory MacDonald, Chael Sonnen, Tito Ortiz, and more, all packed up and followed Coker back to SPIKE TV.

However, those big name acquisitions have stopped happening in the open market, as the UFC has been able to retain most of their talent once that initial wave was over.

Interesting to note is that these “Big Name” fighters garner very high salaries, and rarely fight.

Recently, Bellator let go of their longtime announcer Jimmy Smith, and the UFC wasted no time in signing him.

Now, Joe Rogan reveals that all this has lead to some serious budget cuts made by Viacom, as they have yet to find any real success under the guidance of Scott Coker.

Here’s Rogan’s reveal: