UFC Terminates Official Fighter Ranker, Forces Major Shift In Fighter Top 15 Rankings

Ever since the UFC started ranking their fighters, the MMA community and fight fans have been left scratching their head.

Often times the rankings don’t make a whole lot of sense. Of course, the higher you go up the ranks, fighter performances handle the heavy lifting. Champions are a the top of the ladder, and across most divisions the two most talented men or women are placed properly behind them.

But, outside of the top three fighters in each weigh-class, sometimes fighter A can beat fighter B, yet still be ranked lower than him.

The UFC doesn’t actually rank their own fighters. Instead they rely on a host of media outlet journalists to vote on their top 15 in each division, and the averaged out rankings make up the UFC’s official standings.

However, a lot of these “rankers” are obviously not qualified to determine such things.

Grant Gordan of the Burbank Leader, Bruno Massami of the Gazeta Esportiva, David Brown of the Cherokee Scout, and several more journalists you’ve never heard of are responsible for the UFC’s rankings.

Well, today the UFC let one man go, and as a result the rankings got a major facelift.

Here’s the Update: Changes signaled by green/red arrows: