Jose Aldo Reveals Where Frankie Edgar Went Wrong

Undefeated mixed martial arts phenom Brian Ortega shocked the world last week when he finished former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. Now former UFC featherweight title holder Jose Aldo has come forward with his thoughts on the matter.

Frankie Edgar was initially set to face off against reigning featherweight champion Max Holloway at UFC 222. However, Holloway suffered an injury that forced the fighter to pull out of the match up.

Consequently, Brian Ortega accepted a short notice invitation to face off against Edgar in the night’s co-main event. While Edgar had never been finished in his illustrious UFC career, Ortega managed to knock “The Answer” out within the first round.

Speaking on Brazil’s “Giro Combate” show, Jose Aldo offered his thoughts on the fight.

“It’s a new generation that’s coming in. Age comes for everyone, and it’s normal to have this sort of rotation. To me, it wasn’t (surprising). I just thought it was a mistake on Edgar’s end to fight (Ortega), who’s a very tough guy. He would have fought for the title, risked that and lost. Now he’s all the way back there again.

“I think that was his biggest mistake. But I wasn’t surprised with the loss. That’s part of it. When you go in there, anyone can come out victorious, whether it’s via knockout or points, and that’s part of fighting.”

UFC President Dana White has since revealed that Brian Ortega has earned a shot at the UFC featherweight title. Speaking on the matter, Aldo explained that he believes it is an even match up.

“It’s a very even fight, I think. Both have very similar reaches. In the striking department, too, I don’t see any of them as a specialist. The one specialty I see is Ortega’s guillotine, which is very strong.

“But Max won’t take him down. He’ll stand. So the fight will be decided on the feet.”

“For me, a better scenario would be for Brian to win. Because this way I know I have big chances of fighting for the title again.”

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