Miesha Tate and Jon Jones Continue In 600 Word Trash Talking Spree on Twitter

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and fellow UFC superstar Miesha Tate have entered an ongoing exchange over social media. Now the two mixed martial arts phenoms are at it again.

Jon Jones has had a controversial career in the sport of MMA. The fighter has been stripped of his UFC title a record setting total of three times, having also suffered multiple drug test failures and having had multiple run ins with the law.

Most recently, Jon Jones had his CSAC hearing concerning his drug test failure from UFC 214. The fighter was ultimately fined the maximum total of $200,000 and had his fighting license revoked.

As previously reported, former women’s UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has since offered a heated statement over the fighter’s recent CSAC hearing.

“I don’t really care at this point if he comes back. Because I’ve lost the motivation and the interest and the faith that I have in Jon Jones has been lost.”

“Now, maybe in three or four years, if he gets a great suspension and gets the book thrown at him. And he really does make those changes, maybe he has a chance at restoring that.”

“But, at this point I just don’t care anymore. I’m over Jon Jones, I’m done with it. I don’t want to hear his sob story. I felt sorry the first and second time, he kind of had me.”

“But, it’s like fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I mean come on. Am I waiting for a fourth now?”

“I just don’t, I’m over it.”

“I wish and I hope that it does change Jon Jones. And I hope. But, I’m also not invested in Jon Jones anymore. I’m kind of checked out at this point.”

“It’s just been too many times, too many instances, and I’ve heard this story, one, two, three, four, five times already.”

“So, it’s like unless he shows me something different than just saying, ‘I’m a changed man’, he’s got to do a lot more to gain me back as a fan, and to care to see him compete again.”

“I just don’t want to be let down again.”

Jon Jones has since offered a few words of his own in response to Miesha Tate’s recent criticism. Taking to Twitter, the former title holder stated:

“@MieshaTate I don’t quit when things get tough for me, I get stronger. You just wait and see, maybe you’ll even find motivation in it. Sucks I lost you as a fan. Enjoy retirement sister”

Miesha Tate was quick to respond.

“@jonnybones u make things tougher 4 urself, I hope u can figure it out this time but I’m not holding my breath. Supported u plenty in the past & if ur implying I’m a quitter that’s pretty low. There’s a time when all of us have to stop & Happy I walked away with a clean slate”

Now the two former UFC champions are at it again. Check it out below:

“@MieshaTate Never meet negativity with negativity, I shouldn’t have responded to you in the first place. You won”

“I’m not being negative @JonnyBones just honest. I hope you can respect that. I think you’re an amazing fighter and as a person I wish you nothing but the best. Still feel let down, I hope you get it figured out for your fans but most importantly for yourself. Take care”

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