Machete Wielding Crazy Man Storms MMA Gym, And It Gets Bloody [Graphic Warning]

A horrific attack took place in Hamberg, Germany between a group of mixed martial artists, leaving one fighter initially in critical condition. Now details on the tragic occurrence have been revealed.

As reported by GNP 1, MMA fighter Abeku Afful was attacked by five men wearing masks, while attending his training camp. The fighter was attacked with knives, a baton and a machete.

Afful was transported to the hospital after having a main artery in his leg severed during the exchange. The fighter reportedly recovered from his critical condition, but required further hospitalization.

Ismail C., the coach of a rival MMA gym in the area, was arrested shortly after the incident. The man was identified by witness due to his voice and physique. A former student of Ismail C’s, Afful has had a lengthy rivalry with the individual.

An image from the gruesome attack can be seen below. However the photo is quite graphic, featuring the brutalized leg of Abeku Afful directly after the incident.

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