Mike Perry’s Single Life — Day 2 — Gives An Update On His **tches

Just yesterday, it was made public that Mike Perry and his longtime girlfriend broke up.

This was brought to light after “Platinum Princess” made a lengthy statement on her official instagram that read, “Mike & I are no longer together. I wanted to explain what is going on because there are so many people who have shown me/us so much love and support and have invested into us, and felt like you guys deserve answers. I also don’t want to get hundreds of comments on my photos from here on out about, “where’s Mike” “why aren’t you together” and such.”

“I am a huge believer in God & that everything happens for a reason and everyone in your life is there for a reason. Mike and I are not meant to be together in a relationship but only to be friends and support each other through life.”

“No one can ever know what happens behind closed doors, no matter how great things may seem through social media. We are human and we all make mistakes, Mike unfortunately has a wandering eye and this time it wondered too far and I couldn’t accept anymore. No physical cheating happened but enough was said that I hit a limit I couldn’t return from. I am not mad. I don’t hate him at all. I hope to remain friends and be someone he knows will always tell him how it is and can always receive honest advice from. I have no regrets at all, only wonderful memories of good times.”

“I wish him nothing but the very best and still know that one day he will achieve his dream of becoming UFC welterweight champion. “Que sera, sera” whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see.”

“I am excited to embark on my new life journey. I have no idea where it will take me, the places I will go, or the people I will meet. If you would like to come along with me on this journey I invite you to stay and see where it goes and if you have no interest I can completely understand.”

“Thank you for the continued love and support. Xo (This did not happen this week or weekend, it’s been awhile. There is also no need and I really prefer no one dm me things about what he’s doing or putting on his story etc) thank you.”

It took Mike no time to go public with his new female acquantance, posting a video of her on the beach that can be seen in the player at the top of this article.

And now, two days into his newly found single life, and Mike is hitting twitter with quotes about his bitches.

Single Mike Perry everyone:

I fuck with you but you was always like a side bitch cuz I can never put nothin over grindin !

You know I got bitches that’ll die to be the bitch that’ll die for me