PED Expert Breaks Down How Easy It Is For UFC Fighters To Cheat USADA Tests

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) subjects its competitors to testing for performance enhancing drugs through the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USAD). Of course, USADA also covers official testing for Olympic athletes of the U.S.

Now former Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative president Victor Conte has come forward with his thoughts on how competitors under the watchful eye of the anti-doping agency have the ability to continue to take PEDs.

Speaking with Graham Bensinger, Conte revealed offered his answer when asked how easy it is for competitors to get away with PED usage under USADA.

“Relatively easy. The major loophole is with the missed tests. The way it is now, you can get two missed tests. The third one is considered the same as a positive test and you will receive a suspension or be banned. They do not disclose this information.”

Check out Conte’s full thoughts within the video below:

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