Russia’s Wrestling Team Denied Visa’s For Tournament In United States

The Freestyle World Cup is going down soon in Iowa City. However, the Russian Ministry is now claiming that the country’s competitors have been barred from the competition.

Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova recently released a statement on the matter.

“We regard the US actions as another obvious example of obstructing the participation of Russian athletes in international competitions. The American authorities also clearly are not averse to eliminating strong competitors for their athletes.”

“The point, however, is that non-issuance of visas for our athletes is a gross violation by the United States of its obligations as a state that undertook to host international competitions. It is about direct and open discourses the nation of the team of one of the participating countries.”

It is uncertain if the Russian wrestling team will be capable of competing in the upcoming world cup, which goes down April 5-9.

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